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Travel Fee Notice

If you are within one (1) hour of our home location and would like to meet in person to discuss in further detail to inquire about the services we provide, we can arrange to meet in a public place, such as a coffee shop or fast-food restaurant. Meetings are usually planned halfway between you and us. If you are further than one (1) hour from our home location and would still like to meet in person, there will be a $50 travel fee.

However, instead of meeting in person we suggest scheduling a phone interview so you can still get to know us personally without the hassle of traveling.

Please note that there may also be a travel fee added if we set up the equipment a day before the event and if we are providing ceremony services that are at a different place than your reception.

Travel fee is $50 per hour one way the day of the event for each service we provide for you.


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